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Souvernirs that will remind you of your time in Japan……
…You can find your favourite item in Arita!

Induction-Compatible Rice Pot “Takkun”
Rice cooked in this induction-compatible pot has the same fragrance as hearth-cooked meals. The infrared effect of the pot and the pressure of the inner lid prevent the rice from losing its umami-flavour and make it develop a delicious, slightly sweet taste.


Seasonal Event Information

  • The 15th Arita Hinamatsuri Festival

    With plenty of colourful Arita porcelain, this festival announces the arrival of spring.
    [Date] From Saturday, February 9, 2019 to Sunday, March 17

  • Opening of the Climbing Season of Mt. Kurokami

    Mt. Kurokami was appointed one of the "100 Greatest Japanese Natural Areas to be Conseved for the 21st Century"
    [Date] Every year on the first Sunday of April

  • Magarigawa Cherry Blossom Festival

    The Cherry Blossom Festival is held to pray for safety, plentiful harvest, the prosperity of the local industry and the health of Arita's inhabitants.
    [Date] Sunday, April 8, 2018

  • Tango Rhododendron Festival

    Enjoy rhododendrons, cherry trees, azaleas and wisteria in full bloom!
    [Date] Saturday, April 14, 2018

  • Arita Ceramics Fair

    The Arita Ceramics Fair is Japan's largest ceramics market, visited by porcelain lovers from all over the country.
    [Date] Every year from April 29 to May 5

  • Arita international ceramics exhibition

    An open exhibition of unpublished ceramics
    [Date] April 29, 2018 (Sundays and holidays) - Sunday, May 6

  • Touso-Sai - A Festival for the Father of Arita Porcelain

    This festival is dedicated in gratitude to Ri Sanpei, the "Father of Arita-Porcelain" who initiated the development of Arita's ceramic industry.
    [Date] Every year on May 4

  • Firefly Festival of Arita

    [Date] Saturday, May 26, 2018
    Place: Parking Space in front of the East Branch of Arita Town Hall

  • Arita Summer Festival Firework

    In the scope of this summer festival, the people of Arita express their gratitude towards their ancestors.
    [Date] August 11, 2018 (Saturday, celebration)

  • Arita Window Display Contest

    High school students shape Arita!
    [Date] From Wednesday, July 25, 2018 to Sunday, August 26

  • Juuhachi-Ya (Night of the 18th)

    The highlights of this event are groups of young men performing a dynamic quarrel and a self-made pinwheel firework.
    [Date] Every year on August 18

  • Arita Sarayama Festival

    The highlight of this festival is the porcelain plate dance "Sara-Odori", which is only performed in Arita, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain.
    The Sara-Odori parade is a must-see for every visitor of Arita.
    [Date] Sunday, October 21, 2018

  • Arita Food and Agriculture Festival

    Arita which is full of crops of nature.
    Other than sale of delicious farm products and artefact, events to be able to enjoy in families are varied.
    [Date] Sunday, November 25, 2018
    Place: Around Arita Town Hall agency

  • Sue, Arida porcelain Festival of the 14th autumn

    Enjoy Arita's ceramic culture, rich nature and good meals served on splendid ceramic dishes.
    [Date] From Wednesday, November 21, 2018 to 25th Sunday

  • Arita Ishiba Sumo Tournament

    This event is a ritual sumo tournament devoted to a mountain god of the Izumiyama Quarry.
    [Date] Sunday, November 18, 2018

  • Nige Mochi Festival

    [Date] Every year on the night of November 22
    Place: Shimohon-district, Arita

  • Event at the Turn of the Year: Arita's Porcelain Bowl Illumination

    Visit Touzan Shrine for hatsumode (the first Shinto shrine visit of the New Year) and enjoy the fantastic illumination with more than 1000 votive candles made from porcelain.
    [Date] Every year in the night between December 31st and January 1st until about 2:00 am.

  • The 15th Arita Hinamatsuri Festival

    With plenty of colourful Arita porcelain, this festival announces the arrival of spring.
    [Date] From Saturday, February 9, 2019 to Sunday, March 17

We see list

  • It is promotion movie of Arita Porcelain Fair full of 1,240,000 customers last year.
    Morning gruel and shopping, pleasant scenery unlike everyday Arita including Touso-sai: Festival for the “Father of Porcelain are clogged up closely.

  • It is promotion video of Saga, Arita-cho. Please enjoy picture clogged up with charm of latest Arita-cho.

  • Oldness and "Hizen" of porcelain which can feel the skill and the beauty, scenery which the history and tradition cultivated for the five senses. Do you not go on a trip, too?

  • Movie exhibition to be in love with superb view, dainty food, hot spring of Saga!
    While Saga formula sightseeing application uses "DOGAN SHI, TA, TO", do you not take a trip to Saga?

  • Ceramic ware make PROJECT to adopt technique of Hizen 400 years for make of woman, and to rebuild as art of the beauty.
    Project begins to move in order to make all women beautiful in the Hizen ceramic ware zone of Saga, Nagasaki.

  • "Sara-Odori" which claps its plate of porcelain which we held in both hands to dance skillfully. It is "Arita Sarayama festival" to show it by Arita townsman total participation.