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The brochures of Arita Town can be downloaded in PDF format.
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    This free brochure introduces fascinating aspects of Arita you won’t find in casual tourism pamphlets.
    Apart from information about Arita ware, ARITA NO HIBIKI is full of cutting-edge news about townspeople, nature and food.
    Reading this brochure will make you fall in love with Arita!

    About the title of ARITA NO HIBIKI:
    ARITA NO HIBIKI means RESONANCE OF ARITA – this brochure echoes the harmonic resonance between food and dishware, between guests and townsfolk and between locals themselves.

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    Issue 4 (PDF, 7.11MB)
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    Issue 1 (PDF, 6.5MB)
    Issue 0 (inaugural preparatory issue) (PDF, 5.5MB)

  • Arita tour guide book "Arita"
    Arita tour guide book "Arita"

    When it comes to sightseeing in Arita, this is the brochure you need!
    Kilns and museums, nature and townscapes – this booklet introduces all spots in Arita in a clear and concise way.
    How about taking this booklet with you and going for a walk through Arita?

    Japanese (Portable Document Format: 12.2MB)
    English (English) (Portable Document Format: 17.4MB)
    한글 (the Hangul Alphabet) (Portable Document Format: 6.0MB)
    Zhongwen 简 body (simplified Chinese character) (Portable Document Format: 11.2MB)
    chubunhan* (Chinese Traditional) (Portable Document Format: 9.8MB)
    ภาษาไทย (Thai) (Portable Document Format: 9.0MB)

  • Arita Tourism Guide Map
    Arita Tourism Guide Map

    This broadside guide map will show you the way to Arita’s sights and restaurants.
    We print out by all means, and please see in conjunction with guidebook.

    Japanese (Portable Document Format: 7.9MB)
    English (English) (Portable Document Format: 8.39MB)
    한글 (the Hangul Alphabet) (Portable Document Format: 5.8MB)
    Zhongwen 简 body (simplified Chinese character) (Portable Document Format: 7.54MB)
    ภาษาไทย (Thai) (Portable Document Format: 1.33MB)

  • Arita - A Town's Beauty Affecting All Senses
    Arita - A Town's Beauty Affecting All Senses

    Arita became the cradle of Japanese porcelain when kaolin, the basic material of porcelain clay, was discovered here about 400 years ago.
    This brochure introduces the world of genuine beauty: Arita’s artfulness that continuously developed while the multitude of styles and traditions of Arita porcelain born in the run of history was maintained.


  • Arita Ware Gozen
    Arita Ware Gozen

    Aritayaki-Gozen is a local gourmet menu offered since August 2011.
    Arita chicken and locally grown vegetables are presented on serving dishes made from Arita porcelain, which are designed after the cube-shaped tamatebako box from the legend about fisherman Urashima Taro. This special dish celebrates the “marriage” of food and tableware.
    Aritayaki-Gozen is a delight for eyes and tongue – give it a try!

    Brochure (Portable Document Format: 1.59MB)


    This brochure is full of deliciousness and cuteness from Ureshino and Arita!
    The “Ureshino Café Stroll” leads to restaurants where you can try Ureshino tea and sweets, while the “Arita Pottery Walk” introduces traditional and yet modern Arita porcelain – this brochure shows you the way to stylish shops inviting you to come in.

    Japanese (Portable Document Format: 8.98MB)
    한글 (the Hangul Alphabet) (Portable Document Format: 4.82MB)

  • Arita Ceramics Fair
    Arita Ceramics Fair

    The Arita Ceramics Fair is held every year during Golden Week.
    Approximately 500 stands open along the 4-kilometer-long main road. With more than 1 million visitors every year, it is Arita's biggest event.
    Apart from bargain prices for ceramics, there is a variety of events, reaching from stamp rallies to table setting expositions.

    "The 116th Arita Porcelain Fair" (Portable Document Format: 3.96MB)

  • Arita Autumn Ceramic Festival
    Arita Autumn Ceramic Festival

    Autumn Sue, Arida porcelain Festival which could take a walk through the town of Arita slowly leisurely was different from Arita Porcelain Fair again; is tasteful.
    Colored leaves spots such as tunnels of maple of Ooicho (many butterflies) and Izumiyama Quarry of 1,000 years years old, We hold events such as "firewood kiln (wind up vug) circulation" to feel history of ceramic ware of Arita.
    Theme "meal and hospitality with container."
    Do you not enjoy selection of container slowly while taking a walk through autumn Arita which gangs were different from spring earthenware city in?

    "Sue, Arida porcelain Festival of the 15th autumn" brochure (Portable Document Format: 10.8MB)

  • Arita Hinamatsuri Festival
    Arita Hinamatsuri Festival

    With the beginning of spring, Arita Town holds its annual Arita Ceramic Hina Festival.
    Hina-dolls made from porcelain are displayed at various places all around the town. Enjoy the Hinamatsuri in combination with colourful Arita-Porcelain!
    The world’s biggest seven-tiered porcelain hina-display and the "Hina-Dolls of Solidarity" made by Kakiemon Kiln and Meissen Kiln shine in the mastery of their famous makers and are an absolute must see.
    In addition, the exhibition of the winners of the Ceramic Hina-Doll Contest is held at the same time. You can admire ceramic hina-dolls made by both professionals and amateur potters from all over Japan.

    "The 16th Arita Hinamatsuri Festival" brochure (Portable Document Format: 3.0MB)
    "The 16th Arita Hinamatsuri Festival" brochure map (Portable Document Format: 3.6MB)

  • Arita Window Display Contest
    Arita Window Display Contest

    Traditional buildings preservation area of "live museum" Arita Uchiyama who can be also known as. High school student displays shopwindow of store selling ceramic ware in this cityscape and is meeting to compete for design and technique, workmanship.
    It is only this Arita in the country that performs meeting of window display by high school student.

    "Arita Window Display Contest" flyer (Portable Document Format: 1.49MB)

  • Mt. Kurokami Guidebook
    Mt. Kurokami Guidebook

    Mt. Kurokami was selected among the “Top 100 Nature Reserves to be Preseved for the 21st Century”.
    Mt. Kurokami is one of Kyushu’s and Japan’s top hundred famous mountains and its top can be reached within 1h30min starting from one of Arita’s climbing start points (Ryumon Valley / Arita Dam).
    This brochure introduces the highlights of Mt. Kurokami's climbing route.
    For the mountain climbing course click here.

    Brochure (PDF, 1.88MB)