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The Kyushu Ceramic Museum

The Kyushu Ceramic Museum

This art museum is specialized in ceramic ware. Apart from ceramics from the old province Hizen, the museum collects and exhibits ceramic ware from the entire Kyushu region, as well as works by contemporary ceramic artists. The Kanbara Collection of old Imari porcelain and the Shibata collection of Arita porcelain from the Edo period (1606 – 1868) are a must-see for every visitor. Moreover, there is a set of 25 bells made from Meissen porcelain hanging outside the building. Their beautiful tunes direct the time in the Capital of Porcelain (they play every hour on the hour).

3100-1 Toshaku-Otsu, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
TEL: 0955-43-3681
Business hours: daily 9:00 - 17:00
[Closed on] Monday (in the case of holiday, we are opened, and Tuesday is closed the next day), the end of the year (from 29 to 31 on December)


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